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5 Tips to Empower the Divine Feminine for the New Consciousness.

Inspired by the teachings of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries of The Magdalene Lineage. 

The Magdalene Lineage

Mid West Reviews

By tracing the changing presence and nature of the feminine in Christianity, The Magdalene Lineage crafts a journey that blends new age techniques and concepts with traditional Christian knowledge and beliefs to create an expanded history documenting the separation of the Feminine and Masculine.

Because this event has resulted in innumerable suffering over the eons, it's important to define, understand, and address on more than one level, if peace and solidarity is ever to be achieved. This makes The Magdalene Lineage a far more important revelation than any traditional analysis or biography could achieve. - D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer

The Magdalene Lineage

Reader's Favourite Review

One of the most poignant aspects of this book is the author’s thoughtful comparisons to other sources of information.... She carefully portrayed the historical era, including the cultural and political climate. Her description of the Essenes matches other texts describing the beliefs and works of this group. She also adds the reasons why certain sects and the early Christian Church portrayed Mary Magdalene in derogatory terms, rather than as the spiritual teacher and healer she was. Although the book contains much historical data, it is easily read and understood by any curious reader. Author Reena Kumarasingham has written a well-crafted and intriguing text.

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Sue Stone, Author, International Speaker, Happiness and Empowerment Leader

A resonance of truth bringing forth a greater understanding of ancient knowing and wisdom of the Divine Feminine into our modern times

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